Get creative with pumpkins!
  •  Glittery pumpkins

    This October you need to up your pumpkin game. Here are our ten favourite ways to get creative! 

    White pumpkins

    Can’t find those tiny grey and white pumpkins for sale anywhere? Paint orange ones instead. Choose soft grey, cream and pale blue for a laid-back way to celebrate autumn.

    Image via Pinterest

    We also love these beautiful marbled pumpkins. They're a really stylish way to bring autumn into you home and will look gorgeous perched up on a shelf or mantel. Find the tutorial here.

    Image via Pinterest

    And while, we're on the subject of pastel pumpkins, we'd like to point you in the direction of these peachy little pink beauties. They're so pretty you'll want to keep them long after halloween! 

    White pumpkins and fresh flowers

    Mix your pastel-hued pumpkins up with fresh flowers. Try arranging them on a shelf, tray or mantel for a pretty autumn display. 

    Pumpkin with flowers

    Image via Pinterest

    If you're feeling really creative, turn your pumpkin into a vase for flowers. Trust us, it'll look amazing as the centrepiece at an autumn gathering. Remove the top and fill with fresh flowers in a jar (which will be neatly hidden inside the pumpkin) – or drill holes in the sides for a unique arrangement with fresh or faux flowers.

    Gold pumpkins

    If pastel-coloured pumpkins feel too low-key, then take things up a notch and gold-tint them instead! Paint gold spots on a white painted pumpkin, or go for the full gold-dipped effect with spray paint.

    5 ways to get creative with pumpkins

    Gold not enough? Make your pumpkins the star attraction with a glimmer of glitter. Go for a light dusting, or embrace all the bling.

    Image via Pinterest 

    Pumpkin carving doesn't have to be scary. Swap a traditional face for a simple, modern design that'll turn your pumpkin into a beautiful, glowing lantern. 

    Painted face pumpkins

    For a Halloween party, swap your pumpkin carving tools for a paint brush. Painting on a face is an easy and effective way to make a jack o’ lantern – they also last much longer!

    Image via Pinterest 

    Personalise your pumpkins with stencilled lettering. Adorn them with glittery initials – try it on miniature varieties for a really unique place setting at an autumnal wedding! 

    What are your favourite ways to get creative with pumpkins?

    Comments on this post ( 9 )

    • Nov 16, 2017

      very nice!

      — Alessandra

    • Nov 07, 2017

      These look awesome!

      — Rich Tyler

    • Nov 02, 2017

      Love all the different pumpkins

      — Sharon Freemantle

    • Oct 26, 2017

      I agree with every single one of you!

      Halloween should be about creativity and it’s great to see all of you getting on-board!

      Love and Thanks
      Sianye @ Dust and Things

      — Sianye @ Dust and Things

    • Oct 23, 2017

      wow these look amazing!

      — ashleigh allan

    • Oct 23, 2017

      Love the idea of painting pumpkins instead of carving them, they look really different and would also keep longer! I love the ones with glitter :-)

      — Terrie-Ann Wright

    • Oct 22, 2017

      Such amazing idea’s for jazzing up some festive pumpkins for the autumn season! Halloween can even be stylish and this trend is spot on!!! ???

      — Keira Bland

    • Oct 21, 2017

      lovely items, I haven’t seen any like this before. it’s great to see local work.

      — Zara Roberts

    • Oct 12, 2017

      They look so amazing. I have seen the ghost pumpkins for the first time this week to my local Tesco store.

      — Leila Benhamida

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