'Do What You Love' Coloured Edge Quote Coaster

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A perfectly hand-crafted single drinks coaster engraved with the motivational words 'do what you love', with a choice of coloured edge. Choose your edge colour of choice to suit, you may also like to add a giftbox and a personal message of encouragement on the back to make an extra special keepsake.

What better gift to get Sister, a friend or any other special person that would appreciate this positive gift. This thoughtful and custom made drinks coaster will grace their coffee table or work desk for many years to come.

A coloured edge coaster will brighten someone's day instantly with its encouraging saying! Celebrate their individuality further by choosing a hue to match their personality. Choose from Titanium White, Pebble Grey, Lavender, Coral, Mint Teal, Spring Green, Crimson Red or Cobalt Blue.

Crafted from a block of the finest quality solid Steamed Beech wood, the coaster has a unique design that makes it a beautiful decorative item to display year-round in a living room, dining room or office.

This chunky, solid wooden coaster is not only made to last but will cause a "stir" with it's wide band of colour.


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Product: 'Do What You Love' Coloured Edge Quote Coaster

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