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Personalised Vintage Marriage Spoon Set

Colour coordinated shirts, matching watches and identical lunch boxes... welcome to married life!

Of course, that's a joke. But it does seem like once the vows are said and the rings are on, something changes and you start to blend in to one. Very lovely, but there is a line that should not be crossed and that was way back at matching watches…

This adorable vintage spoon set, however, would be a brilliant start to a successful marriage. Imagine this... You and your partner sitting down for breakfast every morning, stirring your coffee with silver-plated, hand-stamped spoons, one reading 'Just Married' and the other 'Mr & Mrs' for example. Can you think of a better way to start the day?

Made from real vintage materials, each spoon will be as unique as the relationship.

Alternatively, these adorable sets make for a lovely gift for Mother's Day, a friend celebrating an important birthday or someone who has a love for all things vintage.

About Our Spoons:
All of our cutlery is silver-plated and truly vintage. Every letter is hand stamped so spacing and alignment may vary, but our master craftsmen and women will make sure each individual item looks amazing. 
The handles will differ from item to item, however they are all beautiful and in many cases 'one-offs'. As our cutlery is not mass produced we cannot supply exact images of their handles therefore designs will vary from the photographs.

Please Note: As these items have had a previous life, signs of its history may be visible adding to its unique charm and beauty, this also means that the exact dimensions of each spoon will differ.

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