Personalised Vintage Tea Spoon

Tea break you say? You don't have to ask us twice. Finally a chance to stop whatever we're all doing and wrap our hands around a steaming hot mug of relaxation.

Whether it's Camomile, English Breakfast or Pomegranate that tickles your taste buds, they all need some serious love when it comes to brewing. What could be more special than gently teasing the taste out of their aromatic leaves with a silver-plated, personalised tea spoon?

This stylish item is perfect for the vintage-loving friend whose life is one constant tea break. If she's not sipping on her favourite cuppa, she's organising tea parties where she can introduce her friends to the various flavours she's discovered that week. You can also choose from sleek and stylish or ornate vintage style for the spoon's handle.

What Can I Put On My Spoon?
Personalise it with a unique message in up to 30 characters and choose from a plain or ornate handle.

About Our Spoons:
All of our cutlery is silver-plated and truly vintage. Every letter is hand stamped so spacing and alignment may vary, but our master craftsmen and women will make sure each individual item looks amazing. 
The handles will differ from item to item, however they are all beautiful and in many cases 'one-offs'. As our cutlery is not mass produced we cannot supply exact images of their handles therefore designs will vary from the photographs.

Please Note: As these items have had a previous life, signs of its history may be visible adding to its unique charm and beauty, this also means that the exact dimensions of each spoon will differ.

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Product: Personalised Vintage Tea Spoon

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