Get £15 in Amazon Vouchers when you film your loved ones opening their new gift

When you purchase a new gift from us at Dust and Things, you could be quids in when you film your loved one opening their gift; It's as easy as that!

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase a new gift from us at dustandthings.com

2. Wrap your gift in lovely wrapping paper

3. Hold your phone in Landscape mode (this part is really important)

4. Film your loved one opening their gift

5. Prepare yourself for tears of joy while they open the best personalised gift they've ever received

6. Send the clip to us at reaction@dustandthings.com

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions below before submitting your clip.

In the meantime, why not watch our reaction video? 


1. This offer only applies to gifts purchased within a two week time frame from order date to reaction video.

2. This offer is not in-conjunction with any free gifts offered by Dust and Things. 

3. After submission, customers will be required to meet a few verification points such as (but not limited to):
- Name of claimant matching name on the related order
- One claim made per person OR order
- The video is a genuine reaction video captured at time of gifting. Un-boxing styled videos shot on your own will not be accepted.

4. Video clips shot in Landscape mode need only be submitted.

5. Once verified, your Amazon vouchers will be emailed to you within 28 days via email.

6. By sending your video you are submitting ownership of the video to Dustandthings Limited for free usage in future marketing campaigns.

7. Final acceptance of your video submission in conjunction with this offer is at the discretion of Dust and Things ltd and we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

8. Please ensure that your video is well lit, in focus and submitted in a genuine manner.

Are you all good to go? Great!
Submit your clip here.