"We love nothing more than designing and making one-of-a-kind, personalised gifts for special occasions."

Dust and Things was created by Sian-Louise and Mike Chamberlain in the summer of 2013. From its humble roots in a spare bedroom in Cardiff, our company has grown into the business we always dreamt of. We are proud to be a specialist in our area of bespoke engraved gifts and feel fortunate that we get to help so many lovely customers be great gift-givers every day!

Why the name 'Dust and Things'? - One day in a dark, cluttered shop in a Cardiff arcade, Sian-Louise had uncovered a trove of vintage childrens books, the pages of which she intended to re-work into useable envelopes. Walking outside, grinning, she concluded - 'the shops that have the hidden treasures are always the ones that are full of dust...and things.'


Mike: "We haven't always been this passionate about what we do for a living.

It feels like only yesterday that Sian-Louise was buried under assignments in university and I was working 9 'til 9 for a finance company. We both craved a more creative outlet.

For as long as I've known Sian-Louise she's always dedicated time to hand-making things for her friends, things that her friends had never even asked for usually, things that would arrive in the post unannounced and be swiftly displayed on the fridge or mantlepiece as a reminder of the warmth they felt when received.

Our friends have learned that if you need something hand-made and personal, you go to Sian-Louise.

One late night, I found myself helping to design & make a friend's wedding invitations. Whilst cutting & gluing we fantasized about changing the guest bedroom into a studio, buying a fancy laser engraver and spending our days creating and sourcing great products that would end up sat in peoples homes for years to come.

Ever since I was very young I've had a passion for design and building things. Whether it was making simple computer games or attempting to burglar-proof my bedroom door using bits from around the house, I've always loved being creative.

At the start of July 2013, with a touch of summertime optimism, we un-screwed the guest bed and set about building something that we could be truly proud of."