"Size Matters" Funny Wooden Coaster

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Perfectly hand-crafted, this drinks coaster engraved with the hilarious words 'size does matter, no one wants a small glass of wine' with gift options. One of our coloured edge coasters will brighten someone's day every time it's seen with its aspirational saying! Choose your edge colour from a choice of 7 bright or pastel shades. 

To make an extra special gift, choose to add an additional personal message on the back of the coaster i.e. 'Happy Birthday Suze! Enjoy your vino! Love Ally xx'

Crafted from a block of the finest quality solid Steamed Beech wood, the coaster has a charming design that makes it a beautiful decorative item to display year-round in a living room, dining room or office.

At 0.70 inches thick this chunky, solid wooden coaster is not only made to last but will cause a "stir" with it's wide band of modern colour.

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Product: "Size Matters" Funny Wooden Coaster

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