12 Driftwood Home Decor Ideas That You Need In Your Life Right Now
  • If you're an avid Dust and Things fan on social media, you'll know that it's no secret that we are OBSESSED with driftwood. What's not to love? It's lightweight, it's natural and it gives your home a coastal atmosphere.

    Sink your teeth into these ideas...


    1. Table Legs

    2. Mirror

    28" Double Layer Round Driftwood MirrorCredit: MaderaDelMar (Etsy)

    3. Wrap driftwood around a lamp stem

    Cover old lamp with branches! Get new shade and blamo
    Credit: Woon Home

    4. We've thrown in another mirror idea... because why not? 

    Large Currey and Co Driftwood Mirror. Featured on Completely Coastal. Shop the Look!
    Credit: Completely Coastal

    5. Heart shaped wall hangings

    driftwood 22
    Credit: Pinterest

    6. Wrap driftwood around a candle or glass cylinder for decoration.

    Collect some beautiful driftwood, some fabric/yarn and tie it up.  Add a pillar candle for craft perfection!
    Credit: LowTideStyle (Etsy)

    7. Shelving

    Credit: Craft Zen

    8. A driftwood chair of dreams!

    Credit: Pinterest

    9. Hanging wall art dipped in paint

    Credit: eHow

    10. Christmas Tree

    Credit: Pinterest

    11. Wall hanging

    Credit: Bead&Cord 

    12. Clothes Rail

    Credit: Pinterest

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    It's worth knowing...

    That if you are to attempt making some of these awesome ideas, you'll need to treat your driftwood. Because afterall, it is actually dead wood.

    Follow this handy guide on how to get the best out of your DIY driftwood crafts here.

    Will you be trying any of these crafts? Tell us in the comments!

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