8 Ways To Practise SELF-LOVE in 2019

8 Ways To Practise SELF-LOVE in 2019

The turn of a new year calls for time for reflection. We could all do with a little self-love from time-to-time, so we've personally listed a few ways that you can love yourself in 2019.


"We are all perfect as we are, and we could all use a little work."

- Shunryu Suzuki, Buddhist



As the 21st century rolls on, have you noticed how we snap a photo and rarely see it again? It dies quietly in our camera roll. When you invest in a camera, perhaps something as nostalgic as an Instax Mini Polaroid Camera, your memories are forever captured with an instant print out. Hang your photos with string, keep them in your purse or even make a scrap book to remind yourself of the good times you've had.



Take some time each night to relax. Can't un-wind? Pop down to LUSH (or indeed your local natural bath-bomb artisan) and get yourself a wonderfully colourful (and vegan friendly) bath-bomb. Run a warm bath and take some time to just breathe and watch the colours infuse. You'll love it.

 Pictured: 'Intergalactic' Bath Bomb from LUSH at £4.75. Watch a demo here.



When you're setting goals for 2019, ensure that they are realistic and manageable. Sometimes the end-goal can be easier when it's a visual mood board. This can be a physical board or a digital collage; why not make it your phone wallpaper? We'd recommend starting with Pinterest. Fill it with things that will bring you excitement and hope. It can be as simple as trying new hairstyle, picking up a paintbrush or reading more books. 2019 is what you make of it.



If you've never tried meditation or mindfulness before, we can understand that it sounds daunting; or that it sounds like it's 'not your kind of thing'. What if we told you that it's a breathing exercise that gives you the opportunity to be aware of your thoughts? It's very simple. The awesome guys at Headspace offer 10 free 3-minute sessions for total beginners. We often use this app as a team before starting work and it boosts our productivity and well-being. Download it for iOS and Android devices.

What is meditation? Find out here. 



The simple answer to answer that is Yes. Marie Kondo has a new show on Netflix called 'Tidying Up' (stick with us), a show about helping people manage their life by letting go of the emotional attachment they have to their belongings. Marie's message is simple, "If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go." It's worth a watch, even if it's for the incredible folding techniques she teaches. There's a definite science behind "clean home, clean mind".
Watch the trailer here.



Some people view food as sustenance; simply something we need to do in order to live. But we wholeheartedly disagree with that logic. We challenge you to dedicate a small amount of time each day to make at least one rewarding meal. Emily Scott @whatiateforbreakfast on Instagram makes quick and easy breakfast ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel smug and inspired.



Every morning after our daily meeting, we all think of one thing we're grateful for and share it with the team. If you can find one small happiness a day, it may help you shine some perspective on the small things that actually mean a-lot to you. It doesn't have to be something overwhelmingly amazing everyday, just try to think of it's significance to you. Ask a friend. Tweet it. Share it. Get it out there. Speak it into existence.



You know the feeling, right? You drive to work, sit down behind a desk, drive home and sit back down. When did we become so in-active? If you try some simple stretching through the medium of yoga, we will guarantee that you'll feel refreshed and mobile. We followed this super easy yoga tutorial for total beginners and we think you should try it, too. You never know, you may love it and make it your new hobby of 2019. 

Watch an easy tutorial here.


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