DIY: Make Your Own Gift Wrapping Paper Ideas
  • 1. This is an easy one! Simply pull a long tape of sticky tape and dip it in sequined stars. Cute.

    Credit: TheKitchyKitchen.

    2. Simple but effective. Cut chrome tape into simple shapes for a creative look.

    diy washi tape gift wrap
    Credit: almostmakesperfect

    3. Go wild! Throw water colour white paint over kraft paper or any paper that'll give white paint a lovely contrast.

    9 Inexpensive DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas | Apartment Therapy

    4. Use a thick brush and make even strokes in a diagonal fashion, finished with string.
    This is not a copy or print or watercolor from photo art ! The painting is one of my original watercolors, and i never repeat the same artwork twice. The size of the painting is 10 x 8in on acid free, 140 lb cold press watercolor paper (FABRIANO ARTISTICO), made of 100% cotton. Signed on

    5.No good with a paint brush? Just wrap your gift with fancy string and thread beads with the recipients name onto the string. 

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