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11 Reasons Why You Need A Disco Ball In Your Home Right Now -

11 Reasons Why You Need A Disco Ball In Your Home Right Now

1. 'Cause there's nothing more relaxing than this.
Credit: Instagram - Photo by @deecampling here.


2. It adds extra sparkle to a plain living room.
Credit: Pinterest


3. It spruces up your room, every day.

 Instagram - Photo by @kendrasmoot here.


4. If you're not keen on hanging a big disco ball in your home, why not just place them in a tray near a window instead? 

Credit: Glitter Guide - more photo's here.


5. They make awesome portraits.

7newyears-2016Credit: Jessica Janae Photography


6. They make cutesy planters, too.

 Instagram - Photo by @houseplantclub here.


7. Omg, even bigger planters!

Photo + How-to from from 'A Beautiful Mess' here



8. They can really jazz up a boring staircase.
Credit: Pinterest


9. They go hand-in-hand with city apartment-chic styled rooms. All you need to do is hang a mini one in your usual morning sun spot.

Credit: Pinterest


10. They make pretty awesome decor, even if there's no sun beaming upon them.
Pinned this for the poster on the wall. Want it for my classroom!
Credit: Pinterest


11. 'Cause look how extra this room looks. We love it.

Credit: A Design Sponge - article here.







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