How To Make a Hessian and Lace Table Runner (No Sewing Required!)

  • Here's a super simple but very beautiful photo filled step by step tutorial for all you hessian and vintage lovers. It looks fantastic as part of a rustic or vintage inspired Wedding theme or used at home to adorn your cat scratched old wooden table
    (if you're me!)

    You need no special skill besides using an iron and it requires NO sewing. Phew!

    You will need:

    • Hessian material (Length: Table diameter + 22", Width: 20")
    • Lace ribbon (Length: Table diameter x2 + 22"). I used white but you can experiment with other colours to suit your theme! Cut the length in half.
    • Iron & ironing board
    • Damp cloth
    • Scissors
    • Bonding web (Length: Same as lace ribbon)
    • Measuring tape


    Step 1: Firstly, measure your table diameter like so...

    If you cannot measure your table, have a look at the table size estimates below.

    Take that measurement and add on 22", this will give you your total hessian length. The runner will have a 10" drop either end of the table and 1" will be folded over and secured to tidy up each short end. Cut the hessian to this length.

    Guide for table size estimates - useful if your tables are not accessible to measure. 
    4 seater table: 36-44" diameter
    6 seater table: 44-54" diameter
    8 seater table: 54-72" diameter
    10 seater table: 72-90" diameter

    Step 2: Cut hessian width

    The easiest way to mark a straight line onto hessian is to pull out a thread from the edge where you would like to make the cut. This will create a perfectly straight guideline. Gently pull the thread until the fabric bunches up, then pull the hessian taught until the thread is removed. Cut your hessian along the guideline.

    Step 3: Iron the hessian

    Iron the full length of hessian (high heat setting). Fold back 1" of hessian on each short end and iron down the flap to create a crease. 


    Step 4: Secure the hessian flaps

    Cut 20" of bonding web, place under flap and iron for 10-20 seconds to secure. (Works best with a damp cloth placed under the iron). Repeat for both ends of hessian and turn over onto front.


    Step 5: Attach the ribbon

    Cut 20" lengths of bonding web (makes it easier to handle) and place a strip onto the long edge of the hessian. Line up the ribbon on the bonding web leaving 1" overhang. This will be secured to the back of the runner. Repeat the fusing process with the iron and damp cloth until the full length of both sides is complete.

    Step 6: Attach lace overhang to back of runner

    Turn the runner over and secure the lace overhang with a small piece of bonding web.


    Step 7: Stand back and admire your rustic inspired handiwork! 

    Hope you have fun with this! 

    Love & things,

    Sian xo

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    • May 17, 2016

      Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or ineheorcnt. Not this!

      — Shanna

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