Inspired by... Cheese!
  • My oh my, we do love cheese around these parts. And we happen to know that we're not alone -- there are plenty of fromage fans out there! 

    Perhaps you're one of them? In which case, welcome. Put your feet up. We'll break out the cheeseboard.

    You see, there's nothing like a bit of cheese gorge on a special occasion, or just your average Tuesday. Christmas, a Sunday roast, a wine-and-cheese birthday -- all much better when there's a decent spread.

    There's something special about sharing a platter between family and friends, and we love putting something together that will delight a crowd. A selection of hard, soft, stinky and mild, plus sides of grapes, chutneys and delicious crackers.

    Our love of cheese and the sharing platter has, of course, made it into our product range. We've created a whole variety of cheeseboards in wood, slate, circles, and rectangles, with a range of wording, engraving and cheese-loving messages.

    Personalised Cheeseboard

    Not only that, but we also created a set of delicious chutneys, each handmade, hand-stirred, and hand-poured for an authentic and artistic experience. We'll bring back the art of the cheeseboard yet...

    So tell us, what's your favourite way to enjoy cheese? Do you have a favourite type? Any recommendations? (And have you tried our chutneys yet?)

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