Three of our favourite Easter DIYs
  • We love a bit of Pinterest around here, and we've been having a whale of a time looking through dreamy Easter DIYs.

    Here's a round up of our favourite egg-inspired DIYs:

    1. Bunny pancakes!

    These are pinned from littleyellowbarn.com, and are an easy one to whip up. You might find a pancake "pen" handy (try using a clean, empty ketchup bottle, too).

    Bunny pancakes


    2. Colourful typography Easter eggs

    It's well-know that we're big fans of typography (and colour), so these eggs by Lovely Indeed are right up our street. Cute sayings, a little name, plus your favourite colour. Win!

    Colourful typography Easter eggs


    3. Emoji Easter eggs

    Easter is all about bringing the family together, enjoying spring and having some fun! These bright and bold emoji eggs are fab. Express yourself with this project from Studio DIY.

    Emoji Easter eggs


    What's your favourite Easter craft activity? We'd love to hear!

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    • Jul 22, 2020

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