Simon Belsham came to Visit
  • A few weeks ago Mike got an unexpected email from Not On the Highstreet's very own CEO Simon Belsham. Simon took up the role at NOTHS just after we joined as a site partner, and we had seen him speak at one of their events just a few days later.

    The email said that Simon Belsham would like to come and visit us at our workshop! We immediately started to write down all of the things that we could possibly ask him about their plans, figures and the future.

    The day came of Simon's arrival and after giving the workshop a bit of a tidy (it was sticky labels and cardboard galore!) I attempted to bake a few pastries for us to nibble on whilst chatting over tea.

    Simon arrived and we didn't know what to expect, but he was really helpful with our questions and oozed professionalism, yet he was very warm and approachable.

    Simon Belsham Not On The Highstreet CEO gets his gift from Dust and Things

    We quickly figured out how he took his tea and whilst Mike and I picked his brains, Steph and Danielle created him a bespoke coaster, a little thank you to him for taking the time out of his super busy schedule to come all the way to Caerphilly and chat business with us. The coaster read 'SIMON'S TEA GOES HERE (MILK, NO SUGAR)' on the front and a little thank you note engraved onto the back.

    Did you hear that we were nominated for Startup Success of the Year 2015 with Not On The Highstreet? Check it out here!

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    • May 17, 2016

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exeetrisp.

      — Cordy

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