How To Make Personalised Wedding Napkin Place Settings (No Sewing Required!)
  • Get hold of some pretty napkins or make your own here (using our super easy no sew tutorial!) and turn them into totally unique themed place name settings with my super quick guide. 

    You will need:

  • Inkjet home printer
  • A4 Inkjet transfer paper (the type for lighter fabrics)
  • Your guest list
  • Beautiful fonts (optional)
  • Napkins
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Dry cloth

    Step 1: Type out your guest list

    Using your preferred word processing software (I use Open Office as it's free), type out your guests names using your preferred font and size (I used size 60). The quirky, hand drawn style one I am using for my rustic theme is called 'Simon Script' and is available here.

    If you are not in love with the preloaded fonts, there are hundreds of free and creative fonts to download via font websites. Choose one which matches your theme: a romantic french style script for a vintage affair or an ornate carnival style font for a tea-party theme. 


    Step 2: Print in reverse

    You must print your text out backwards onto the transfer paper otherwise your final transfer will be backwards! Some printers may have a 'reverse print' or 'mirror print' feature. Mine does not, so this is how I did it (this will vary for different word processing software):

    • Highlight all text boxes. Modify> Convert to Bitmap. Modify>Flip Horizontally. Print onto the non-gridded side of the transfer paper.


    Step 3: Attach to napkin

    • Cut out the individual names using scissors leaving a small border around each word.
    • Using a hot iron and a clean cloth, fix the transfer for 1-2 minutes. Ensure all edges are adhered.
    • Wait until the transfer is cool, then peel off the gridded backing paper.


    Now marvel at your personalised rustic, vintage or themed napkins and name place settings in one - your guests will be impressed!


    Sian xo

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