Style Rules For Your Rustic Wedding Dress
  • If you are planning a country or barn wedding, you need a wedding dress that screams rustic chic, not expensive boutique. The perfect rustic wedding dress will blend country romance with a dash of boho princess. Pick your perfect outfit by following these rules.

    Dress by Watters, via Pinterest

    Look Lovely In Lace

    Lace combines all the elements needed for the perfect rustic wedding dress. It combines floral shapes, with a sheer lightweight fabric. The fabric is so versatile, that provided you opt for a warm cream tone, and dress shape that flatters you, you can't really go wrong. For maximum romance choose a chantilly lace, or for a floaty fairytale finish choose a lightweight tulle. To combine modern styling with a vintage country look, a traditional strapless corset dress can be trimmed with a lace overlay and lace capped sleeves, which adds a degree of modesty typically found in country-style dresses.

    via Etsy.com

    Natural Earthy Tones

    For a nature-inspired wedding choose earthy tones for your dress or accessories. Colours need to be selected with great care. While soft peaches and blushing pinks create a relaxed, romantic look, they don't work with every skin tone and can make brides with paler complexions look washed out. If white or cream is your preferred dress colour, consider adding a simple coffee coloured satin ribbon to the waist, or pale pastel fabric roses around the skirt.

    SIBO Designs

    Load Up With Layers

    If you hanker after a traditional wedding day meringue, create a layered look with sheer fabrics. Classic wedding dresses lay an opaque fabric over a netting underskirt to create volume. You can get the same puffy style, with a gentler, more romantic finish by layering a semi-transparent fabric like tulle, chiffon or organza. For added glamour consider using different shades of the same colour fabric for each layer, or decorating the top layer with fabric embellishments like chiffon roses, or silk bows.

    Dress by Halfpenny London

    Maximum Boho Chic

    If you are having a boho wedding, or festival inspired celebration, choose a maxi dress. Your outfit could use multiple layers and fabric textures to add glamour and visual impact, or stick with one fabric and use as much of it as you possibly can while retaining the capacity to stand up.

    Garter with hessian detailing, via Etsy.com

    Finishing Touches

    Rustic wedding dress adornments should add depth and texture rather than sparkle and luxury. Fabric roses, tiny bows or even a simple hessian sash will all add a new dimension to your ensemble. Steer clear of too many crystals, silver, and if you're adding in a statement jewellery piece, make sure that it reflects your personal style and choice of dress. Choose pearls over diamonds for a classic, vintage look.

    Crème de la Bohème Dress Modcloth.com

    Choose What You Love

    If you are planning a rustic wedding, chances are you have a fairly solid sense of style, and a love of romantic dresses. Trust your instincts and buy a dress you love, whether it's a 'proper' wedding dress or not. Some of the most beautiful rustic wedding dresses, aren't really wedding dresses at all.


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