5 Delectable Boho Wedding Cake Ideas

  • If you're planning a rustic wedding, a three tier white iced fruit cake with diamante sparkles, and elaborate piping is going to look a little out of place. You need confectionery that screams boho chic, and to get that you will need to work closely with the person responsible for creating your wedding day centrepiece. Take these top ten boho wedding cake ideas to your cake designer, along with any photos you have of the dress and venue to inspire a design in keeping with your wedding themes.


    1. Ridiculously Indulgent

    Clavelshay Barn

    Most wedding cakes are designed to look like fragile pieces of fine art, too delicate to touch, and a tragedy to cut into. If you've chosen a boho wedding, then the chances are you're planning on a fun and relaxed occasion, and this type of rigid, formal design will not fit well with your plans. To reflect the jovial atmosphere, choose a cake design that implores your guests to dive right in. Large, indulgent cakes made for eating rather than looking at work well, such as layers and layers of sponge stuck together with oozing caramel sauce, topped with whipped cream, or multiple levels of sponge, cream and fruit. The creation should have plenty of height for dramatic effect, with the component parts visible rather than being hermetically sealed in thick icing.


    2. Reflect The Wedding Dress

    Daisies and Pearls

    Whether you've chosen a simple lace gown or an enormous cloud of chiffon, a good cake designer will be able to create a cake that reflects your wedding dress. Floral lace shapes can be cut from white royal icing and laid over a softer, neutral colour background to mimic the lace fabric on your dress, or real fabric ribbons and bows can be used to adorn a simple iced base.


    3. All Creatures Great And Small

    Studio DIY

    If you like natural wedding ideas, go for a nature inspired cake. Choose a simple base cake, and decorate it with butterflies, birds, or both. Handpainted pictures on white icing can look stunning, but for a real 'wow' factor add a sugar sculpture or two.


    4. Natural Recreation

    Derek Martinez Photography

    Some of the most effective rustic wedding cake designs are artistic recreations of nature's beauty. The icing could be styled to look like birch bark, or the cake may be adorned with sugar roses. Combine paintings on the surface of the cake with 3D decorations, and even accessories on the table to create a seamless flow between the cake the the wedding decor surrounding it.


    5. Tower of Deliciousness

    Cheese wheel cake Clavelshay Barn

    Your wedding cake doesn't need to be a cake at all. For a truly unique ending to your wedding banquet, replace the traditional cake with a tower of decadent deliciousness. The tiers can be made of any confectionary you choose, from miniature cupcakes to multi-coloured macaroons. Use a mixture of colours and treats to create a relaxed random design, and resist the temptation to arrange the components with any degree of uniform formality. Don't forget to trim the display table to match the design scheme of your wedding.




    For ideas and inspiration check out my collection of rustic, boho and nature-inspired wedding accessories.

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    • May 17, 2016

      It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thsakn!

      — Karson

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