7 Invitation Ideas For A Natural Wedding
  • If you're planning a natural wedding in a relaxed, romantic environment, you need wedding invitations that reflect your plans and help set your guests expectations.

    Be inspired by this collection of the best nature wedding invitation ideas, to copy, tweak, recreate or completely reinvent. Remember that with a nature-inspired wedding less is more, so however, tempting it is to incorporate all of the ideas below, try to stick to just one or two for maximum earthy impact. 

    1. Artistic Designs


    The simplest way to tie your wedding invitations in with your nature theme is to use a background print of something natural. It could be a woodland scene, or even a print effect to look like tree bark. Light, washed out colours look best rather than strong, bold shades. Single coloured silhouettes over a solid background can also be very effective.


    2. Natural Shapes


    Use cut outs of a tree, flower, bird, or anything else you like, then simply print the details on in a basic font. If you go with a shaped invite, don't add anything fancy like pictures, bows, or ribbons. For a natural wedding, simplicity is key. You can tie in your invites with the place settings, by combining toadstool shaped invites with our rustic wooden mushroom name holder.


    3. Earthy Colours


    Choose paper or card with neutral earthy tones, like grey, or taupe. Recycled paper is ideal for this as it often has a rustic, uneven colour to it.


    4. Print Effects


    Having your wedding invites pre-printed will certainly save you a great deal of time, but can give a business-like professional finish that is at odds with the natural theme you are trying to create. Text and pictures look more rustic if printed with a slightly uneven finish, as if applied in chalk, watercolour paints or crayon.

    5. Rough Textures


    Avoid smooth, gloss finishes, opting instead for a rough and ready appearance for your invites. For a rustic appearance, choose recycled craft card.


    6. Added Extras


    It has become common practice to adorn wedding invitations with decorations, jewels, and ribbons. Before you tip a tablespoon of confetti or glitter into your envelope, spare a thought for the recipient who will be cleaning it up. If you choose to added little extras to the cards, be warned that this will increase the thickness of the envelope, bumping up the cost of postage. For natural wedding invitations consider adding cream lace, matt satin ribbons, rose petals, pressed flowers or parcel string.


    7. Environmentally Friendly Options


    The most environmentally friendly, minimal waste option for your wedding invitations is to not send any at all. If you are technically minded use a free online website builder tool to publish a handful of pages about your wedding and email a link out to your guests. Your guests will be able to register their RSVPs ASAP online, and they can log on to check information anytime they need to without having to dig through a pile of paperwork to track down the invite.

    For more nature weddings ideas and inspiration, check out my collection of gifts, decorations, place holders and more. 

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