9 DIY Boho Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
  • During the wedding breakfast your guests will be heavily focused on their table and the delicious feast they are presented with. It is important the bohemian theme of your wedding is reflected in the table centrepiece to keep the spirit of the day alive during the meal and speeches. Be inspired by this selection of centrepiece ideas harvested from the bountiful world wide web.


    1. Upcycled Lovely Things


    Use your creativity to upcycle vintage objects. Hunt out a selection of lovely vessels that could be used to display flowers. You could use small suitcases, unusual shaped bowls, or anything with at least 2 inches of depth. Spray paint, decorate or adorn these in a uniform way, and place a different object on each table.


    2. Stack Of Books


    Table decorations should ideally have a little height so they can remain visible once the table is crowded with wine glass and plates. If you're boho wedding has a literature and arts theme, stack vintage books on the table, then place a cascading flower arrangement on the top. Choose classic titles that will act as a dinner conversation prompt.


    3. A Fairy Garden


    Create a fairy garden for every table by lining a flat display area with moss, miniature flower pots, and even a tiny house. You could create a different scene in each centrepiece. Use name place settings that compliment the design like our rustic wooden mushrooms.


    4. Wine Bottles


    Group together differently shaped wine bottles, and place vibrant feathers or tall flowers in each one. For added drama wrap the bottles together with brightly coloured ribbon.


    5. Lanterns


    These work especially well if you are having an evening reception. Create a centrepiece with one central large lantern, surrounded by smaller tealight lanterns. You can label the large lantern with the name of the table, and the smaller lanterns can double as place settings and wedding favours.


    6. Troughs

    Fill wooden or tin troughs with brightly coloured flowers. For added glamour decorate the sides of the troughs with paint, glass beads, or pressed flowers. These rectangular centrepieces work especially well if you have buffet tables laid out in a line.


    7. Logs


    Gather together logs or branch off-cuts, of varying lengths, and hollow out the centres. You can use some for tall candles, some for tea lights and others for flowers. These will be complimented beautifully by our wooden lanterns.


    8. Trees


    Use branches secured in an upright position to create tree centrepieces. These provide you with so many opportunities to hang coloured baubles, tealights, name labels, photographs. For added sparkle you could spray paint the branches in a colour that matches your wedding's theme.


    9. Gumball Machines


    Furnish every table with a gumball machine stuffed with goodies and your friends and family will love your forever. Choose sweets over bubblegum to avoid sticky fingers and unfortunately placed gum leftovers. Better yet, these boho centrepieces can be reused or sold on after the wedding, so they are an investment rather than an expense.


    For more ideas and inspiration for your boho wedding check out my collection of lovely wedding things.

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