9 Flower Ideas For A Rustic Wedding
  • Flowers are an integral part to any wedding, but for rustic weddings they are especially significant. Here we take a look at how the types of flowers and methods of presentation you can use to give your wedding a rustic theme.


    1. Create A Wildflower Meadow


    Choose flowers with a free spirit, those that you would naturally find growing in the British countryside, paying scant regard to colour and size. Bundle then into a loose bouquet to create a flower arrangement reminiscent of a wildflower meadow.



    2. Single Flower

    Lock Cottage Flowers

    Alternatively you can create a dramatic effect by using a large quantity of a single flower species to the be the centre of attention. This should be a flower that is commonly spotted in the UK, to give a relaxed, natural authenticity to your flower arrangements, for example roses, daffodils, and sunflowers.



    3. Gentle Colour Schemes

    The Flower Hive

    Complementary, rather than contrasting, colour schemes work well to give a relaxed rustic finish. Gentle blushes of pink, or variations of blues and purples add a splash of colour to the day. For a more rural feel, choose oranges and golden yellows. Or you could choose a rich variety of flowers, all the same neutral colour. Avoid contrasting, vibrant colours, such as neon pinks and blues. A collection of flowers of similar shades and colours creates a more relaxed atmosphere than starkly contrasting, vibrant blooms.



    4. Table Decorations

    Lock Cottage Flowers

    For your table decorations, what your flowers are displayed in is just as important as the flowers themselves. Choose upcycled vessels such as jam jars, tin cans, wellington boots or hollowed out tree stumps.



    5. Floor Standing Arrangements


    Strategically place a few big, bold flower arrangements around the venue to give make the space feel as though it is bursting with flora. Use chunky, unusual containers for the flowers such as tin buckets, and small barrels. If your wedding is outdoors fill a tin wheelbarrow with blooms, or hollowed out tree stumps to create a big impression.



    6. Bindings

    Gemma Williams Photography

    Keep bouquets and floral decorations under control with rustic bindings. Parcel string, strips of hessian fabric, and wide lace ribbons are ideal to wrap around the stems. If you choose hessian to wrap your flowers, carry it through to your table settings with our love heart plant wedding favour.



    7. Floral Crowns

    Gemma Williams Photography

    In a rustic wedding, you can never have too many flowers. Floral crowns make a beautiful, natural finishing touch to the bridesmaids outfit, and are adorable on little bridesmaids who may find wrangling with a bouquet challenging.



    8. Flowers In The Aisles

    The Flower Hive

    Your venue flower decorations should look unplanned, low effort and relaxed, as if someone has casually dumped a lorry load of flowers in preparation for the wedding. Scatter flowers over the aisles and seats, or loosely tie them to the backs of chairs.


    9. Avoid Manufactured

    The Blue Carrot

    Avoid adding unnatural decoration to your bouquet such as sparkly ting ting spirals, diamante crystals or anything glittery.


    For more rustic wedding inspiration look at my collection for wedding decorations and accessories.

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    • May 17, 2016

      Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-NA—R-N-I-E-G!

      — Jayan

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