4 Colour Trends for a Rustic or Boho Wedding

If you're getting married boho style, or in a relaxed rustic setting your colour scheme should break away from the traditional formality of uniform bridesmaids dresses with matching bouquets, and instead deliver a visual masterpiece of naturally inspired shades.


To help you pick the palette for your rustic wedding, here are some of the most popular laid-back colour trends for 2014.


1. Monochromatic

Pick something you love and make it the centre of your colour scheme. For boho and rustic weddings, a beautiful flower is the best starting point. Now base all the wedding decorations and outfits from this colour, choosing a rich variety of shades. Use darker shades in small doses, and blend with liberal splashes of very light, almost white shades of the same colour.


2. Blush Pink And Mint Green

Blush pink and mint green were hugely popular colours in 2013, both in the wedding industry and the general fashion scene. In 2014 their popularity is set to continue, but this time in combination with each other. For a rustic or boho wedding, avoid combining these with greys or silvers which can look to formal and severe. Instead opt for warm neutral tones like cream, or a very pale mushroom.


3. Colour Riot

Why pick one colour when you can have them all. Rainbows and wild flower meadows both occur naturally and they fail to adhere to any particular colour scheme or palette selection.

For a rainbow colour palette soften the effect by using very pale variations of each colour. Dressing each bridesmaid in a different colour dress can be very effective.


British wildflower meadows often contain a good degree of red, white and blue, so recreating this can be a fun way of injecting some patriotism into your day.


4. Hot And Spicy

For boho weddings a hot and spicy colour scheme can create an exotic atmosphere. Hot pinks teamed with warm yellows, and cool aquas are great for decorating the wedding venue but should be used sparingly on outfits as not all skin tones work well with them.



Where To Add Your Colour

Most wedding venues are decorated with a neutral palette to lend themselves to any colour scheme. You can inject some much needed colour with carefully chosen accessories and embellishments. A simple table runner, or satin bow tied around a chair will liven up the wedding breakfast, as can your table decorations. If you plan on reusing or selling on items you have bought for your day, choose something neutral like our mini mason jar candle, which can be adapted by changing the flower inside.


Opting for different dresses on your bridesmaids enables you to incorporate more colours into your day, and pick tones that are flattering to each girl.


And don't forget to use the same colour scheme on your wedding invitations so your guests can coordinate accordingly.


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