5 Rustic Wedding Attire Ideas for Guys
  • For decades selecting men's wedding attire has been a simple task. All the groom needed to do was arrive at the suit suppliers, pick a suit, and adorn it with a coloured cravate and handkerchief that fits with the colour scheme.

    With a rustic wedding a little more thought needs to be put into the menswear than for a normal church and hotel day, as you will be trying to blend a laid-back look with the formality of a well coordinated, multi-piece outfit. 

    Here are some top tips to inspire you to choose the men's wedding clothing for your groom and his supporting party.


    1. Tweed Jacket

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    The simplest way to give the groom a rustic look is to swap his tailcoat for a tweed jacket. Avoid a full tweed suit as this can look a little fancy dress. Trousers and shirts should be made from a matt fabric like cotton, to keep the country look together. Tweed should be reserved for cooler months as it is very warm and can quickly become uncomfortable, especially for a groom already sweating over his vows.


    2. Waistcoats Instead of Tailcoats

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    Adding a dark wool or tweed waistcoat will glam up the men's outfits without the formality associated with a suit jacket. This look works best if the waistcoat and trousers are not the same colour.


    3. Braces Instead Of Waistcoats

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    If even a simple waistcoat is too formal for your rustic wedding, dress up a plain shirt and trousers outfit with a set of colour co-ordinated braces. This also gives you somewhere to pin the flowers.


    4. Checked Shirts

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    Checked cotton shirts look more rustic than solid colours. Choose a matching bow tie but leave the top button open for a relaxed look.


    5. Denim Details

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    If you are keen on formal tails but are having a rustic wedding, consider getting the tailcoat made from a coarse, durable fabric such as denim or corduroy. This fabric also works well with waistcoats.


    Less Is More


    When it comes to selecting the menswear for your rustic wedding, less is more, and that doesn't mean you should leave them barefoot and topless. Choose one or two rustic accessories or styles of clothing, and blend them with more traditional wedding menswear. Use textured fabrics and neutral colours to compliment your rustic wedding decorations, and add fun finishing touches like flat caps or braces to give the outfit an informal look. But don't go over the top by using all these ideas in one outfit, or your groom will risk looking like he has arrived at a fancy dress farmers party.

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