7 Fun Rustic Wedding Activities For Newly Weds Who Like To Be Different
  •  There's a traditional routine that most wedding days follow. After hanging around waiting for the bride to arrive, there's the ceremony, followed by some photographs, canapes and champagne. Eventually the guests are ushered into the main hall for the wedding breakfast and speeches, then after a quick tidy up and furniture rearranging, it's time for a dance and some more drink. At your rustic wedding you can ditch the timetable, rehash the routine, and plan something a little bit different. Be inspired by these unusual wedding ideas.


    1. Pre-Ceremony Entertainment

    Image: Brides of Adelaide

    This is by far the most awkward part of the wedding day for your guests. The bride is nowhere to be seen because her job is to arrive fashionably late, and the groom is there in body only, since his mind is in the throes of terror and nerves. This leaves a room full of guests, half of which don't know the other half, and vice versa, sat formally in rows, with no idea how long they will be sat there, or whether or not they are allowed to talk. Break the tension, and help everyone get to know each other better, by projecting a short film of opening credits, featuring the names and photographs of everyone attending, and finishing with a shot of the happy couple, and a welcoming message. 


    2. Vintage Gaming

    Image: Loverly

    Keep guests occupied during the formal photographs, and in the lead up to the wedding breakfast, by putting out a selection of vintage carnival games. For a rustic wedding you can make the games yourself and decorate them to match the wedding colour scheme. Hoopla, skittles, and a coconut shy are all relatively simple to make, require little effort to set up, and can be enjoyed by all ages.


    3. Paint The Lawn

    Image: You + Me

    With non-toxic spray paint, you can apply temporary markings to the lawn and create a range of outdoor games, from Twister to hopscotch, tic-tac-toe or even a mini football pitch.


    4. Get Board

    Image: Pictilio


    Image: Huffington Post

    All board games are made infinitely more fun by being scaled up to a larger than life size. Jumbo jenga, chess, snakes and ladders, and dominoes can all be bought as ready made kits, are easy to play, and mess-free.


    5. Organize A Scavenger Hunt

    Image: Angenuity

    If you need some time with the photographer, or perhaps you want to schedule in a ten minute coffee break as a newly married couple, organise a scavenger hunt that an usher or bridesmaid can host between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Make the game optional so guests can choose to stand around and chat if they wish, but offer up a fun prize for every person who takes part and completes the list. It's a fantastic way to keep children entertained too!


    6. Nerf War

    Image: Jen Anibal


    Image: Infused Studio

    Invest in an arsenal of Nerf guns and either leave your guests to run free, shooting whoever they choose, or organise a game of capture the flag. Who could resist a go?!


    7. Finish With A Fire

    Image: Capitol Romance

    Instead of competing to talk over a noisy DJ, and dancing until your feet fall off, settle down beside a roaring campfire and enjoy relaxed conversation with your friends and family over a sobering mug of hot chocolate. Provide beautiful mugs, packed with marshmallows as your party favours, then guests can choose whether to take them home, or tuck in around the fire.

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