5 DIY Rustic Wedding Buttonhole and Corsage Ideas
  • Excellence is in the detail, so when you are designing a rustic wedding scheme don't forget about the little things.

    Buttonholes and corsages may seem tiny in comparison to the venue, cake and wedding outfits, but on the day, and later when you look back at your wedding album, they will make a big difference. Pull your rustic wedding outfits and decor together with these five unusual buttonhole and corsage ideas.


    1. Add Something Unexpected

    Image: Meiorigami via Etsy

    Image: ChangeTheRecord via Etsy

    When it comes to buttonholes and boutonnieres, we all know the drill: a flower, some leaves, maybe a sprig of baby's-breath, wrapped in a ribbon and pinned to a lapel. Add interest by including something unexpected, but natural. Try to include something that is relevant either to the time of year or the wedding location. For example, tiny pine cones with a sprig of conifer will work well in Winter, while berries look good in the Autumn. For late Summer weddings, add an ear of corn of wheat. As these unusual additions will require a different type of TLC than normal buttonholes, it's a good idea to do a practice run a few weeks before the wedding, to see how much (if any) watering is required, and whether they will last for the whole day.


    2. Make It Out Of Fabric

    Image: via Pinterest

    Ditch the flora and recreate the flowers in fabric instead. You can either recreate real flowers in fabric, or make a funky floral piece with flowers fashioned from fabric off-cuts. These can be made ages in advance, so there's no rushing around in the run up to the wedding, and they don't need watering so they won't wilt on the day.


    3. Button Flowers

    Image: Chic Vintage Brides

    Button flowers make fantastic corsages and buttonholes for a rustic wedding. Create the stems from fabric and bendable wire, and use a variety of colours to make a bunch of button flowers. Use fabric off-cuts for backing leaves, which can be pinned onto outfits.


    4. Printed Paper Flowers

    Image: via Pinterest

    If you are a lover of reading, writing, plays or words of any description, this is a fun way to weave your passion into your rustic wedding scheme. Paper flowers, usually roses, can be created from sheets of old printed paper. With practice you could probably teach yourself how to do it, although there are plenty of skilled craftspeople who can do the job for you. You could even use music manuscripts instead if music is your thing. Do not use newsprint as this will rub off onto fabric, and will look grey and tatty by the end of the day.


    5. Wrap It In Something Rustic

    Image: Vintage Floral Design

    By far the easiest way to give your buttonholes and corsages a rustic look is to use real flowers, and wrap them in an appropriately rustic fabric. Cream lace, hessian sack cloth, twine and parcel string all work well.


    These quirky buttonhole and corsage ideas are all relatively easy and inexpensive to make yourself, so you can have fun coming up with your own creations before committing to one design.


    For more rustic wedding inspiration, take a peek at our collection of wedding decorations.

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