6 Wedding Day Jobs For Children
  • Couples lucky enough to be blessed with nieces, nephews, cousins, or even children of their own, have an army of little helpers at their disposal for the big day. Help younger guests feel special and an integral part of the occasion by delegating these top wedding jobs for children.


    1. Head Of Programs

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    As the head of programs this helper will be responsible for making sure every guest has a copy of the order of service. At the end of the ceremony, they will also be needed to quickly collect up any copies left lying on seats.


    2. Bouquet Supervisor

    Image: Wedding Ideas Mag

    Bouquets, although beautiful, are a bit of a nuisance to carry around in the few minutes before the ceremony. Last minute loo stops, make-up fixes, and group hugs are all inconvenienced by the presence of a bouquet in every bridesmaid's hands. Employ a bouquet supervisor or two to stand just before the door leading to the aisle. They can hold the bouquets for a few minutes while all finishing touches are made, then hand them to the bridesmaids immediately before the ceremony begins.


    3. Ring Logistics

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    The traditional name of ring bearer, conjures an image of a child carrying a plump cushion with rings affixed. To add a fun twist to your wedding the rings could make a more unusual arrival during the ceremony. Perhaps they can be delivered by a child operating a remote control car, zoomed in via paper aeroplane, or presented on a purpose made, countryside inspired ring dish.


    4. Confetti Distribution Specialists

    Image: Weddbook

    If you are providing your own confetti, employ the services of confetti distribution specialists who can pass on the tubs, tubes or bags of pretty throwing stuff, and indicate to guests the correct time to launch it at the newly weds.


    5. Assistant Photographer

    Image: Belle the Magazine

    During the formal post-ceremony photographs there will be plenty of opportunities for children to run small errands. Maybe Auntie needs someone out of shot to hold her handbag, or someone has left an empty glass in the middle of the lawn? If you are using photography props you can put a child in charge of those, and older children can work as runners, fetching the friends and relatives needed for each photograph.


    6. Junior Photographer

    Image: Bloom Weddings

    An older child makes a perfect second photographer. Furnish them with a cheap digital camera and set them the brief of capturing the fun. Adult guests will be so busy chatting to long lost relatives and catching up with friends, that they often only take photographs of the more formal moments, like group poses and the speeches, that will already be captured by the official photographer. An older child or teenage guests will be more likely to snap authentic moments of deep conversation, dinner consumption and dad-dancing.


    Image: Britta the Photographer

    One final piece of advice. Don't expect perfection. Some children will get bored part way through a job and wander off, others may be too nervous on the day to play their role. All of the jobs outlined above will get done with or without the children's involvement, but each provides an opportunity to entertain and engage a young guest, and help them feel a part of this special occasion.

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