8 Quirky Alternatives To Confetti For A Distinctly Rustic Wedding Send Off
  • Throwing confetti at a celebration is an ancient custom dating back to pagan times. Originally sweets or grains were used, but now it is more common to use tiny pieces of paper. If pre-packaged boxes of tissue paper are at odds with your rustic wedding plans, here are some quirky alternatives.


    1. Bubbles

    Image: RoxyHeartVintage

    Providing your guests with a bottle of bubbles each will make for some fabulous photos and plenty of fun. If you are worried about the soap concentration staining your dress, get a sample of the fabric, and do a practice run at home first. You can personalise the bottles with a label or picture, or even decorate them to look like little brides and grooms.


    2. Petals

    Image: Shropshire Petals

    Rose petals are becoming a popular alternative to confetti, but check that the petals provided are biodegradable, and are suitable for use outdoors, as many bulk suppliers use artificial petals. Bougainvilla, hydrangea, and delphinium flowers can also be used to make colourful petal confetti.


    3. Bird Seed

    Image: Vivid Blue Photography

    The myth that throwing uncooked rice will be harmful to local birds has been debunked by experts several times over. However, birdseed is a lot tastier for the little critters and is much more likely to be scoffed up (and therefore cleared away) quickly. Be sure to evacuate the area before the feathered guests arrive to avoid droppings on your dress.


    4. Lavender

    Image: save-on-crafts.com

    Lavender confetti is perfect for a rustic wedding. It's eco-friendly, beautiful, and smells divine.


    5. Leaves

    Image: Heather Kincaid

    For an autumn wedding use confetti made from fallen leaves You can either use entire leaves, or there are specialist companies who provide small, shaped confetti made from leaves.



    6. Wildflower Meadow

    Image: LarkSpur Hill

    If you are having a country wedding, reflect the natural beauty around you with paper cones filled with dried wild flowers.


    7. Paper Shapes

    Image: Etsy.com

    This is a jumbo version of tissue paper confetti. The larger die cut shapes are made from a water soluble paper, that will disappear when it first rains. You can have just about any shape you want, but the colour is limited to white, as the soluble nature of the material would causes dye to leak out onto clothing. Alternatively, if the weather is fine, create your own using coloured paper and a hole punch. It can be easily swept up (if necessary) before rain falls. 


    8. Paper Planes

    Image: Adrienne Gunde

    Fun, frivolous, and a whole lot easier to pick up than tiny squares of paper, but this will only work if you have plenty of outdoor space. If you are planning on having these thrown at your as your leave the ceremony, provide each guests with their own pre-made plane on their seat. Alternatively, set up a paper plane bar in the reception area, so guests can create their own masterpieces and even inscribe a message for you, before throwing them as you make your way to the wedding breakfast.


    To ward off questions about acceptable confetti, add a little line to your wedding invitations to tell guests you will provide some, and that you heartily encourage them to pelt you with it. On the day, use a pretty cake stand or presentation dish to display small packets of your chosen confetti.

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