7 Beautiful Ideas For Rustic Wedding Table Decorations
  • A good proportion of your wedding day will be spent seated around the tables. Depending on how formal your wedding breakfast and speeches are, guests will be seated for around 2-3 hours. Carefully chosen table decorations will help keep the spirit of your rustic wedding theme alive during this portion of the day. 

    Many venues will offer to supply the table decorations, and if you are celebrating in a barn or outdoor setting, the venue providers should have an option in-keeping with the rest of your decor. You can add a personal touch to their standard offering, by using rustic place settings, like our shabby chic wooden key.
    Or if you are feeling creative, be inspired by this list of rustic wedding table decorations, and create your own centrepieces.


    1. A Single Beautiful Bottle

    3 ideas for bottle centrepieces at a rustic, boho or vintage wedding

    image: event-29.com

    One beautiful bottle, placed in the centre of the table with a few tall flowers in adds a splash of colour without dominating the space. Decorate the bottle with glass paints, wrapping it in lace, or coiling round a piece of coloured string. Hang the table number from a large label attached to the neck of the bottle.


    2. Group Of Small Jars

    2 ideas for jar centrepieces at a vintage or rustic wedding
    image: yourcelebrations.net

    Huddle together a group of small bottles of jars, each with one or two flowers in, then tie them together with a length of lace ribbon. Organise the vessels so the tallest ones are nearer the middle, and add a wooden placard on a stick, with the table number etched on.


    3. Tree Trunk

    Ideas for tree slice centrepieces at a rustic or boho wedding reception

    image: imsaid.com

    Not a whole tree trunk, as that would be tricky for guests to see over, just a slice of tree trunk will do. Place in the centre of the table and use to display a collection of candles, small jars with flowers, or a mixture of table decorations. By raising all the little accessories up off the table they are less likely to be knocked over. You could even glue the bases to the trunk to avoid spills.


    4. Bucket Full Of Flowers

    Six buckets of flowers presented as ideas for a rustic wedding centrepiece
    cover image and top left image: theweddingofmydreams.co.uk

    A little metal bucket, filled with flowers can look very effective. Add a florists foam brick to the bottom to raise the flowers up nearer the opening of the bucket. This looks very effective with ivy trailing down the side and onto the table.


    5. Wooden trough

    A trough of flowers and a table number placed in the centre of a dining table at a natural weddingimage: visionweddingboutique.com

    If you have rectangular tables, a wooden trough is an ideal centrepiece. Fill it with seasonal rooted plants, like pansies or marigolds, then either take them home for your own garden or donate them as a gift.


    6. Filled Jars

    Two examples of colourful filled jars for a vintage wedding centrepieceimage: dreamingallday.com 

    One large jar, or a collection of smaller jam jars can look stunning when filled with a collection of small colourful objects. You could use seashells, sweets, autumnal fallen leaves, anything that provides a mixture of colours but is in keeping with your theme. Add some jars with candles in, like our mason jar tealight holder, to add a little light to the decoration.

    7. Jack O Lantern

    A rustic wood slice candle holder surrounded by moss decorates a nature themed wedding reception
    click here to view this lantern in our shop

    If you are having an Autumn wedding, carved pumpkins work well as dramatic table decorations. You could scribe messages, or pictures, but steer clear of scary faces.

    We have a selection of rustic ready-made table number settings to add to your decorations, or to use as stand alone centrepieces.

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