Embrace Your Inner Hipster: How to have a Boho Wedding

If flip flops and maxi dresses are more your style than a crystal adorned meringue, consider ditching the traditional wedding and opting for something a little more boho instead.

With no defined style or theme, a boho aka bohemian wedding is simply an event that's a little bit different from the norm.


1. The Music

Guests dancing at an indie wedding, a vinyl record playing and hipster newlyweds making a toast

Set the mood for the day with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern tunes running in the background while your guests await your arrival. Add an extra layer of atmosphere by using vinyl records instead of digital music.


2. The Dress

A collage of three boho brides modeling indie and hipster wedding dresses outdoors

Stick with traditional cream, ivory or white to denote your status as 'the bride' but choose a dress style that is more festival chic than bridal glam. Your dress should be floaty, romantic and well suited to rolling in the hay and skipping through a wildflower meadow. Alternatively hunt down a gorgeous vintage dress, and wear your recycled gown with pride.


3. The Veil

A collection of unusual wedding veils for an indie, vintage or hipster wedding

If your mum's wedding dress is a little too retro for use, take a look at her veil instead. With a little TLC this can be adapted to match your outfit, and is the perfect candidate for the 'something old'.


4. Love Independent Businesses

Business owners standing with their best customers and local shops

Shun the jumbo chain stores and step away from the home catalogue. If you're putting together a gift list, visit the local independent shops you love, and work something out with the owners, or pull together list of links to gorgeous gifts from small online retailers (like us). Gifts like monthly food parcels from the local deli, or a voucher for a local restaurant will fill your first year as newlyweds with little pleasures to enjoy together.


5. Cake Alternative

Alternative wedding cake ideas including marshmallow, cheesecake, jelly and vintage wedding ice creams

Wedding cakes are growing ever taller and more ornate, with some couples adding extra height with styrofoam tiers. Exit this insane competition to have the most gravity-defying wedding cake of all time, and opt instead for something that you will all enjoy eating. After buckets of wine and ample food, most guests release an audible groan at the sight of a slab of cake. Offer something more fun like a slither of cheesecake, ice cream cone, or shot glass filled with sweeties instead. When planning your indie wedding cake, remember this simple rule: stacking many individual uniform treats into a tower, or onto tiered layers makes a perfectly acceptable wedding cake substitute.


6. The Setting

Three backyard wedding venue ideas including an outdoor dance floor and outdoor dining tables

Most places with a license to hold wedding ceremonies are in no way 'boho'. Most of the venues you can legally be married in are very much mainstream wedding venues. There are a few off-beat barns, fields and tumble down buildings scattered around the country, but not many. For a truly indie experience, consider having a legal ceremony in a registry office, which frees you up to have your celebrations wherever your heart desires, whether that's on the beach, in woodland, or in your own back garden.


7. Follow Your Heart

Unusual wedding themes including fancy dress, boat and treehouse weddings

A true indie wedding is about breaking away from norms, traditions and expectations, and planning a day that is a fitting celebration of your marriage, reflecting your independent, quirky spirit. Ditch the wedding magazines, avoid the planning manuals, and follow your heart instead.


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