Break Away From The Norm With These Unique Wedding Photo Ideas
  • If you've gone to the trouble of organising a unique wedding, don't dilute your memories with a mainstream wedding album. Liven up your snaps with these striking unique wedding photo ideas.


    Bride and Groom Poses

    A bride and groom having fun playing on children's swings for an unusual wedding photo
    Immediately following the ceremony it's traditional for the bride and groom to have some photographs taken of just the two of them. Usually this will be a side-by-side pose, with perhaps one or two more intimate kissing photos thrown in. For a boho wedding these photographs should reflect the fun and frivolity of the day. Capture the spirit of the wedding with pictures of the bride and groom doing things that would typically be enjoyed by children. Photos of the newly weds rolling down a hill, paddling, pond dipping, going down a slide, or playing on a tyre swing, make a clear statement that after the serious business of getting married is over this boho wedding is all about having fun.

    A childish bride wearing wellys and groom jump in puddles after a unique wedding
    Another way to reflect the theme of your wedding is to use traditional bride and groom poses, but in boho locations, such as in a wildflower meadow, or surrounded by hay bales.


    Friends and Family

    Wedding guests stand in a heart shape for an alternative wedding photo pose
    Break away from the formality of row upon row of aunts and uncles, and arrange your friends and family in a more unusual pose instead. You could have an aerial shot of them laid out in a heart shape, have everyone in the front row holding a different letter to spell out a message, or maybe use their outstretched arms to create a tunnel of love.


    A photoshopped photograph of a wedding party running away from dinosaurs
    If your wedding photographer or a friend are skilled in photoshop might we suggest seizing the opportunity to create a truly hilarious shot which all of your guests will be excited to be a part of - think dinosaur attack, zombie guests fighting bride and groom mortals, bridesmaids as mermaids - let your imagination run wild and take more than one photo to make sure your editor gets the best result.

    If you have concerns over how your more conservative family members might react, be sure to have at least one traditional formal photograph taken of all attendees to keep for posterity's sake, then if guests opt out of your more unusual wedding photographs, you have at least one image recording their presence.



    A unique wedding banner reads congratulations and is personalised with the bride and groom's name
    Throughout your wedding album you will need messages with information about the date, venue, attendees and so on. Instead of formalising your album with printed type, spell out what you want to say with a creative photograph. You can also add in fun messages to your guests and to each other.

    You could simply write your message with chalk onto a patio, paint it onto some old planks of wood, or use non-toxic spray paint to mark it out on the lawn.

    Scrabble tiles spell out a bride and grooms names as a creative photograph for their wedding photo album

    Scrabble tiles, jumbo wooden letters, and fabric bunting can also be pieced together to spell out your message.

    Newlyweds names written in sand for an unusual wedding photograph

    For an evening photograph, arrange tealight lanterns so the words can be read from above or if you are having a beach wedding, footprints can be used to spell out words in the sand, or you can write out your message with a stick, or some shells.

    The best photographs incorporate an element of the unexpected. Plan in advance any particular shots you want captured and discuss these with your wedding photographer, so they can offer up their own suggestions and build in enough time to the day's schedule to get the images you want.

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