5 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas For Wood Lovers
  • Memory keeping is a big part of your wedding day. You'll book a photographer to capture the best moments and your family will be snapping away too. The wedding guest book is a wonderful part of your special day, as you will look back on it for years to come and read all the messages of congratulations. It's no secret we are fans of wood here at Dust and Things, so today we wanted to share with you 5 alternative wedding guest book ideas for wood lovers.
    Personalised Wooden Wedding Guest Puzzle
    What a great keepsake a wooden puzzle would make! The guests each take a piece and write their brief message on the wood and then place it into the final puzzle. One thing we love about this idea, is that you can frame the finished puzzle and hang in your home as a reminder of your wedding day. We love this heart shaped wooden guest book for that extra romantic touch.
    Make a game of it
    The idea of using a wooden block game such as Jenga for your guest book is becoming more and more popular! Similarly to the puzzle, the guests take a piece of the game to write on. This is particularly fun as guests can write on each side of the wooden block and then add it to a basket to be assembled later on. The bride and groom can play it for years to come. 
    Wooden Drop Top Guest Book
    This is another wooden wedding guest book that can be wall mounted once complete; the drop top version is a fantastic way to see all the happy memories! If you are adding some DIY elements to your wedding day, this version could be one to make from a special tree or your favourite wood. 
    Create a Bucket List for the couple
    We LOVE this wooden version of a bucket list, where each guest has a wooden tag at their place setting, so write a suggestion on for the bride and groom. You could also use this for date night ideas or to ask your guests to share their happy memories of you. This one is super sentimental!
    Personalised Wooden Wedding Board
    Why not have a wooden board customised with your married names and use it as the guest book for everyone to sign! We usually make the boards for people to use in their kitchens for serving food, but there's no reason it can't act as a guest book if you really like the idea.
    As some of these ideas can limit the writing space for guests, you may also want to supplement them with a traditional guest book like the one pictured for lengthier messages. It's really up to you. We'd love to know if you've been to any weddings with an alternative guest book!

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    • Oct 25, 2017

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      — Madison

    • Mar 22, 2017

      You know what, I’m very much inicnled to agree.

      — Takeo

    • Mar 18, 2017

      Love these ideas.My son is getting married in August and would love to buy either the the wooden puzzle or game for him and his wife.

      — Melanie Hawkins

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