Get Creative With These No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas
  • Halloween is upon us, the leaves are falling from the trees and the nights are growing colder and darker by the day. You can often feel a little overwhelmed with what to make when it comes to designing your pumpkins. We're here to show you that you can make a stylish pumpkin with no knives. With just a lick of paint and a dusting of creativity, you can make a pumpkin that'll go down a treat on Instagram.

    If you are using real pumpkins, don't forget to preserve your pumpkins before pairing for a longer shelf-life. Find out how here.

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    1. Paint your pumpkin white and embellish it with a polka dot sequin design. Cute!

    Credit: Sugar & Cloth - DIY here


    2. How about these pun-kins?

    Credit: StudioDIY - Super easy DIY here.


    3. The grooves in pumpkins makes for perfect drip marks. Use red paint or even fake blood.
    bloody pumpkins diy
    Credit: Almost Makes Perfect - DIY here.


    4. Ah, munchkin pumpkins! How cuuuuute? You can purchase these little beauties from Lidl or your local pumpkin farm.

    Credit: TheProperBlog - Download pumpkin tattoo's here.

    5. Or, you could buy many and make an ombré table feature.
    Credit: LeFruFru - DIY here.


    6. You could even make your own art feature by painting two these squashies in two different colours and placing a brown cone on-top to make ice cream. This could even pair as a school project (We're looking at you, art teachers!).

    Credit: Martha Stewart

    7. Dip them in nail polish and water for a simple dip-dye effect.
    How to marble a pumpkin using nail polish
    Credit: ColourMadeHappy - DIY here.

    8. These painted pumpkins look good enough to eat!

    Credit: DIY Studio - DIY here.


    9. Use a hard bristle brush to stroke rough lines onto craft pumpkins to get this effect.DIY Brushstroke Pumpkin @themerrythought
    Credit: The Merry Thought


    10. Using glitter paint can add an extra element of much needed glam.

    Glitter Decorated Pumpkins ...add a sparkly touch to your Halloween decor this season with these easy pumpkins!
    Credit: iheartnaptime

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