A final bid for freedom: making the most of the last of summer
  • If you're in the UK, you've probably been noticing the same thing as us: the weather is feeling truly autumnal. We're wearing more socks, jumpers, and layers than we'd like for the last couple of weeks in August.

    We'll get excited about September, autumn, and back to school soon (we promise!). But right now, with the bank holiday in sight, we just want to make one last bid for freedom and summer.

    So whatever the weather is doing outside, wherever you are, we're sharing some ideas and tips for a summery bank holiday. You don't have to go anywhere or trail AirBnb for last minute getaways to the Med. Just bring some summer vibes into these last few days of August...

    String up the lights for dinner

    Get that festival feeling, whether it's in your garden or your kitchen, by stringing up the fairy lights or festoon lights. Get friends over, eat good food, turn the music up, and laugh into the night.

    Have a final summer photo session

    Grab some summer-themed photobooth props, a Polaroid (or just your phone), and get snapping!

    Get family or friends involved for the summer party you never had until now, and imagine you're in Barbados, even if you're just in your front room. Pineapples and flamingos never looked so good.

    Once you've got the photos, a crafty afternoon with the laptop and a new photo album can help to extend the lovely memories you've already made this summer.

    Make ice cream sundaes like they're going out of style

    Is there anything as synonymous with summer as ice cream? Probably not. Go wild and get your favourite flavours, toppings, sprinkles. Splash out for the most decadent summer ice cream bowls.  

    Share your top summer-in-Britain tips or weekend plans in the comments!

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    • Sep 22, 2017

      i’ve just moved into a flat a stones throw from the sea. it’s gonna be cold in the winter, so i’m going to make the most of the last few nice summer days.

      — Yolanda Davis

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