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    Gold is the surprising new trend for our homes. Why surprising? Well, gold has been out of fashion in recent years. We like our homes to be laid-back, relaxed and understated. Gold is often associated with being a bit over the top and dated. But things change. Copper led the way, and now gold is having its moment.

    Forget flaunting your wealth. This time around it’s light-hearted and fun. The only thing you’ll be showing off is a beautiful home which doesn’t take itself too seriously. That’s because we’re not talking about wall-to-wall gold. This trend is all about subtle hints of colour – everything from pops of shiny, bright gold to soft rose-gold hues.

    The fun bit about new trends is taking the bit of it you like and using it to update your home – quickly, easily, and affordably. It’s like waving a magic wand all over a room. Adding hints of gold to your home is like turning on lots of little spotlights – it’s a chance to lighten and brighten the whole space.

    It suits every interior, at every time of year. In a dark room, it’ll add drama. In a light-filled room it will catch the rays and sparkle.

    Gold home accessories

    Start with accessories

    The easiest way to gold-tint your home is through accessories. Simple pieces that’ll go with things you already own, instantly updating them in the process.  

    Look for a few key pieces. A candle holder, vase or plant pot – or, even better, all three. It’s important to choose more than one thing. One little bit of gold on its own in a room will look completely lost.

    By gathering more than one gold accessory, you’re creating a little story. You might not spend more than £10, but you’re creating a look that is worth more than the sum of its parts. When it comes to new trends this is a great way to dip your toe into the water.

    Combine gold with wood, marble and slate for natural elegance

    Gold goes particularly well with other natural materials. Place a gold bowl on a scrubbed wooden table, or mix up your gold candles with marble coasters. You might not be able to afford huge bits of slate or marble, but that’s ok. It’s all about finding easy ways to embrace luxury, while keeping things down to earth and affordable.

    Gold side table

    Invest in a classic piece of furniture

    The little gold table is a great place to start. An on-trend side table is a useful and affordable way to change the feel of a room instantly. Choose one in a subtle, burnished gold for a sophisticated, but modern look. Add a marble top for extra sophistication.

    The important thing with gold furniture is to keep everything else very simple. Bare floorboards, simple rugs and cushions. Keep things plain and simple and you can’t go wrong.

    Update your picture frames

    Swap a few of your plain black or wooden frames for a subtle gold finish. And think about what goes in your frames too. Step away from black and white and choose an inspiring quote in gold lettering. Or invest in a classic gold framed mirror to brighten up a dark corner of your home. 

    Mix gold with different colours and textures for different looks

    Gold is one of those finishes that feels completely different depending on how you mix it with other colours.

    For a simple and classic look, combine gold with white. White can never feel harsh when mixed with the warm blush of gold. Or to create a sense of grown-up luxury, mix gold with dark green. Green houseplants, green cushions…. all offset perfectly with rich gold. It’s lush, tropical and sophisticated. Or maybe you’d rather be pretty and feminine with rose gold and dusky pinks. It’s up to you!

    Gold is a great trend that we can all embrace. Are you ready to gold-tint your home?





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    • May 05, 2017

      Gold is a very beautiful warm color . Thank you for the lovely article on your blog.

      — Wendy W

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