Bring the outdoors inside
  • Botanical prints in the home

    Whatever the season, it’s always great to get outdoors. The fresh air, the natural beauty – it’s a soothing balm to the soul. That feeling doesn’t have to stop when you come back home.  Our easy and affordable ideas will help you bring the outdoors in! 

    When it to comes to soft furnishings, go botanical

    Turn your bed into a soft, summer meadow with pretty floral bedding. Or, cover your sofa with cushions adorned with leaves, birds and woodland animals. Worried it'll look too old-fashioned? Keep things up to date by embracing lush, tropical prints, exotic birds, and rich painterly blooms. 

    Keep your artwork natural 

    Bringing the outdoors in doesn't mean you need to cover your walls with fussy landscape paintings. Instead, focus on simple details. Look for prints inspired by botanical drawings – a single leaf, or an elegant flower stem – or buy an old nature-spotting book and frame the illustrations. 

    Botanical prints

    Make the most of nature’s bounty

    We don’t all have gardens full of blooms to cut, or live near fields of wild flowers. But we can all perk up a bunch of shop-bought flowers with foraged finds to create a natural showstopper. Try taking a simple bunch of white chrysanthemums and add in a few sprigs of autumnal berries and leafy foliage you’ve gathered on a walk – you'll be amazed how luxurious and individual it'll feel. 

    Go on a scavenger hunt 

    Create an ever-changing seasonal display for your shelves and mantels with foraged finds. This might could be anything from pine cones and conkers to a branch of blossom gathered from the side of the road. 

    Gather foraged finds

    Create an indoor herb garden 

    Do you have a spare corner of your kitchen? Use it to house a herb collection. You can grow these from seed, or buy them from the supermarket. They look nice, smell nice and taste nice – plus, whatever the weather, you'll be reminded of warm summer days. 

    Create an indoor herb garden

     What are your favourite ways to bring the outdoors in?


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