Three of our fave... city break essentials
  • City breaks are a great way to spend a weekend and we are spoilt for choice with so many interesting places to visit in the UK and Europe. A two-day adventure is enough to feel that you are getting a break and to soak up the culture too!

    So what are your essentials to pack for a city break?

    Guide book or app

    Before you leave, grab a city guide book from your local book store and read up on the best places to explore. We recently learnt that Brussels has a museum of musical instruments, so you never know what unusual finds are out there! Some cities now have apps to help you navigate too.

    Rucksack and comfy shoes

    If you're on your feet all day exploring new places, you'll want some comfortable footwear. A rucksack will be the best bag to carry too for collecting souvenirs and snacks along the way.

    A journal and camera

    Taking a journal and camera will allow you to document your break and create memories to look back on. A travel scrapbook or memory box is always fun to revisit a few months or years later.

    Have we forgotten anything?!


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