Create a truly bespoke bathroom – whatever your budget
  • Create a beautifully bespoke bathroom, whatever your budget: copper bath

    We think the secret of a perfect bathroom is a mix of practicality and beauty – cleans lines, simple colours and little touches of luxury. Your bathroom needs to be a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect fashion and your own individual style. Here are our tips for creating a truly bespoke bathroom, whatever your budget! 

    Be bold with a copper bath

    Why not make your bath a stylish statement piece? Lately, we’ve fallen in love with the trend for freestanding copper and nickel baths. Mixing industrial practicality with pure luxury, they’re the perfect way to make your bathroom a hotel-style haven.

    No space or budget for a freestanding bath? You can still be inspired by this trend in a more low-key and affordable way. Choose a bathroom mirror with a bronzed rim, shiny metal storage pots or a copper coloured soap dispenser.

    Swap plain floors for geometric tiles

    A well-tiled bathroom floor will always feel luxurious. To create a bespoke look, choose geometric tiles in soft colours. Whether you choose a mis-matched or repeating pattern, these tiles feel individual and on-trend. Let your floor do the talking and keep the rest of your bathroom light, bright and simple. If a new floor isn’t an option, look for towels, bathmats and blinds in simple geometric designs to instantly update your bathroom.

    Create a beautifully bespoke bathroom, whatever your budget: geometric floor tiles

    Natural materials  

    Avoid a cold, clinical look with accessories made from natural materials. A simple wooden brush, handmade soaps, a large natural sponge and glass jars with cork stoppers – they’re all easy little ways to add warmth and life to your bathroom.

    Blend old and new with a vintage sink unit

    With a bit of clever plumbing it’s possible to turn a beautiful old cupboard into a stunning sink unit. Paint your cupboard in a soft, pale shade and add new handles to the doors or drawers. Choose bowl shaped sink units with classic taps that will sit atop your cabinet in style. It’s the perfect mix of old and new and no one else will have one quite like it.

    Create a beautifully bespoke bathroom, whatever your budget: vintage sink unit

    Even if you don’t have the time or budget for this, you can still dip your toe in the water with a few carefully chosen vintage accessories. Paint the frame of an old mirror and hang it above your sink, or search for a vintage wall cupboard to add character to your walls.

    Wallpaper your downstairs loo

    If you have a downstairs loo, chances are it’s the smallest room of the house. Let this work in your favour and go wild with a bold wallpaper design you might not be able to afford, or want to risk, in larger rooms. Choose something interesting and quirky ­– our favourites are bold tropical leaf designs – to get the full wow factor.  

    Finishing touches make all the difference

    Like any room in the house, it’s the little extras which often add the most character to a room. Be inspired by your own personal style. Are you a plant lover? Fill your bathroom with moisture loving plants like aloe vera. Love a floral print in your wardrobe? Add it in to your bathroom through towels and rugs. Got room for a small chair or stool in the corner? They make a handy space for towels, but also make a family bathroom feel more welcoming and sociable.

    What are your favourite ways to style your bathroom?

    Comments on this post ( 3 )

    • Oct 15, 2017

      ALL fab ideas! Just wish I had a downstairs loo I could wallpaper!

      — Kayleigh Speed

    • Oct 04, 2017

      I would love a copper bath.

      — Stevie

    • Sep 22, 2017

      I love the geometric tiles on the floor, hoping to have something similar in my new bathroom soon.

      — Fiona Martin

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