Customer Photos - Pooch Edition
  • We've got a confession to make, we love seeing photos of your purchases, but our absolute favourites are the ones with your furry friends in too! Pugs Tilly and George have been loving their treat box here and Emma's dog Alfie can't wait to get inside his box here! Oh and how can we forget Lea the cuddly pug who even has her own Instagram.

    Another reason we love your pooch posts is because it gives us an excuse to join the doggy spam by sharing our workshop dog Juno! Juno always gets a lot of love on our social media channels, so we like to give him the spotlight from time to time here on the blog. Here he is having some cuddles in the workshop and playing along with 'who wore it better?'. There's nothing like a furry friend to brighten your day eh?











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    • Jan 24, 2022

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      — Amanda Joe

    • Mar 30, 2017

      This poinstg knocked my socks off

      — Graceland

    • Mar 22, 2017

      I remember when my babies had their beottbulylns finally fall off. It looked a bit ick like this.. and that smell… you’re right ewww…. my kids are 15 & 17 and when I watched this the smell came right back at me!

      — Karinthia

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