Decluttering and Donating For Winter
  • Clearing up after Christmas usually makes us want to declutter. The decorations go back in the attic and all the wrapping paper and boxes get recycled. The house feels a bit minimal and a big clean out and tidy always feels like a therapeutic way to start the new year. Here are some ideas for approaching decluttering during the winter as well as some ideas for how your items can help others.
    Donate, sell, discard
    Make three piles! Donating to a charity shop or clothing bank is possible in almost every town, so start collating items that could be usefully used by others. Old coats are always useful for homeless shelters. Crockery sells really well in thrift stores. You might also have some items that can be sold and some that just really need to be thrown away. 
    You might think that t-shirts with holes in should be chucked away. Think again! Cut them up to be used as rags in your Spring cleaning. Try and imagine new ways to use items and to reduce waste. If you end up with too much Christmas food at the end of your celebrations, consider donating to a local food bank. 
    We were thrilled to give back to Operation Santa recently by making up 48 Christmas Hampers for young disadvantaged people in our area. It also gave us an excuse to wear our best festive hats which you can see on our Instagram here.

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