Find your style inspiration
  • Find your style inspiration

    Do you struggle to find style inspiration? Don’t worry, help is at hand. With a bit of planning and inspiration we can all be our own interior designers.

    Thinking of re-decorating a room? Start with a mood board

    It’s what all the professionals do. You don’t have to start out with a specific theme in mind. Keep an eye out for visual imagery that inspires you – an advert from a magazine, a paint chart, a scrap of fabric or a photo from your holiday. The more you gather, the more you’ll see patterns developing: favourite colours and textures or a lifestyle vibe you love. See what direction your mood takes you, and then start a second, more specific board that’s focused on the area you want to change.

    Creating a mood board

    Not keen on all that cutting and sticking? Use an online pin board

    Pinterest is every designer’s favourite resource. All you do is make an account and fill your virtual pin boards with inspiring images. Search for specific things, or let current trends lead you down a creative rabbit hole.  You’ll soon see patterns emerging and ideas flowing in ways you could never have imagined. Look for your favourite brands and follow their boards too for extra inspiration. 



    Traditional printed magazines are a fantastic resource

    Looking at things online is great, but there’s still a lot to be said for physically flicking through a magazine and gathering ideas. Rip things out and add them to your mood boards, or find new discoveries to research online. The adverts in the back of glossy interiors magazines are a great place to discover smaller companies specialising in paint and wallpapers.

    Want to browse interiors inspiration from your own phone? Instagram is for you

    It’s not just about fashion and selfies – Instagram is also an ever-changing treasury of wonderful interiors. You can follow your favourite designers, but also see a glimpse into real life homes.  Users tend to only present the best version of their homes, so it’s perfect for interiors inspiration. Just remember though, it’s only inspiration. In reality, houses can never be that tidy!

    Finding your style inspiration

    Online inspiration is great, but sometimes there’s no substitute for real life

    New ideas can still strike close to home. Go to a friend’s house for coffee and see what their home is like. Don’t be shy about asking where they got something. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    Take inspiration from what you’ve gathered and do some window shopping

    This might be on the high street, or on your computer. Find items of furniture or decorative pieces that you’ve highlighted on your mood boards and see if you still love them. Browse the paint charts and choose some samples to try in your own home. You don’t need to spend much money at this point, the idea is to start bringing your mood board to life.

    Think like an interior designer and make brave choices

    Would they choose the safe option, or something exciting? Try to follow your heart, rather your head. This might mean taking a counter-intuitive approach. Our instinct is to paint a dark room in a bright, light colour. But, why not try something brave? Choose a deep blue and embrace the gloom. Look to your mood boards and be true to yourself – you’re braver than you think!

    Create a personal touch

    The best interiors tell a story about their owner. Don’t try and be too tasteful. Remember that your own personality is the most important thing of all. Choose colours and objects that mean something to you. 

    Where do you find your style inspiration?




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