For the love of... cats
  • Ah, our feline friends. Worth celebrating, for today it is International Cat Day!

    For me, cats embody a fierce independence - they don't dance to anyone else's drum. They got their own way, following their instincts and intuition, and they don't both worrying about messing up anyone else's day.

    Any creature that can devote most of their day to napping gets a pretty firm thumbs up in my book.

    There's a lot we can learn from cats:

    • Eating when we're hungry, shunning food when we're not
    • Demanding affection only when we want it 
    • Being unapologetically ourselves, even when we're grumpy
    • Dedicating time to grooming ourselves and admiring our own beauty

    So, today, embrace your inner feline. Walk your own walk. Admire away.


    Sian x

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