For the love of... coffee
  • It's been pretty intense around here the past few weeks. We've been busy with orders and life and new designs, and there's been a key theme: coffee.

    We know we're not alone in our love of coffee: you only have to take a brief look around social media to know that there are plenty of caffeine fiends reaching for a cup before anything else in their day.

    Are you with us?

    There's something delicious that happens even before you take the first sip: the smell. Freshly roasted coffee is gorgeous. The aroma of hope. Even if you're not out in the world where the roasts are fresh, there's something uplifting about the smell as you open the packet of grinds.

    And then there's the first sip, whether it's of black, milky, strong, mellow, we adore that very first moment of the cup, when you know you have a familiar friend in your hand.

    It's not just the drink itself, we're also a little bit in love with coffee culture. Going out to a coffee shop to work, chat or just sit quietly and watch the world go by is such a pleasure for us. It re-focuses our minds and being in a different (and hopefully beautiful) environment makes a massive difference to our mood and our energy.

    So. May your coffee be strong and your day be productive! Cheers to that.

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