For the love of... tea
  • We're no strangers to a good cuppa here, we are British after all! There's definitely something ritualistic about tea drinking, but so many different ways to enjoy it.

    Personalised Vintage Tea Spoon

    Personalised Vintage Tea Spoon

    You might be a 'builders tea' fan and only drink it with milk from your favourite mug. Or maybe your a bit fancier and prefer dainty china cups and tea pots with infusers. However you enjoy your tea, it's a moment to pause and replenish, especially when life can be so busy. The versatility of tea drinking is another reason we love it so much and it's usually an excuse for a biscuit too. To dunk or not to dunk?!

    We love that there is usually a tea for everything....peppermint for digestion, camomile for calming and even pumpkin spice tea for a seasonal feel! Now the weather is positively autumnal, a cup (or pot!) of tea is also the perfect way to keep warm on a chilly day.

    Right, we're off to put the kettle on. How do you like your tea?!


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    • Mar 22, 2017

      At last! Someone who unsdrstande! Thanks for posting!

      — Marty

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