For the love of weddings
  • Ah, summer. Full of longer days and sunsets and hayfever and the great outdoors. And, of course, weddings. 

    July is a HUGE month for weddings, and here at D&T HQ we've been making wedding gift after wedding gift for the happy couples tying the knot in 2016.

    Which got us thinking about all the things we love about weddings. Here are our top five:

    1. The creativity

    Having a wedding in 2016 isn't a standard affair. Weddings aren't typical or traditional very often these days. They all, in one way or another, express the love, values, and personalities of the couple. And we're all about expressing individuality!

    2. The food

    We're big fans of food. Like, really. There's something so good about gathering people you love around a delicious meal, and a wedding is one of the biggest opportunities to do that. It's not just about what you serve - that's the couple's creativity (see point 1) - but about the symbolism of nourishing your tribe and sharing your first meal as a married couple. Beautiful. And delicious.

    3. The dancing

    Oh boy. Wedding discos. Is there anything better?! When that weird uncle no one really talks to gets up on the dance floor, or watching the collective mums dance around their handbags (real or imagined). Letting it loose on your wedding day is part of the fun, with your besties and your spouse and your family. Whether it's to your own playlist or a DJ or a band, getting into the groove is pure pleasure.

    4. The memories

    The thing about weddings is that they celebrate memories already made, but they make new ones that will go down in history. They might be hilarious (Uncle Derek on the dance floor), or touching (your dad's speech), or simply the happiness of spending time with your favourite people in the whole world. Make memories on your wedding day. Because that's kind of what it's there for.

    5. The love

    The thing we love most about weddings? Love. Because love wins. Because weddings are about people coming together to celebrate love. The love of two people specifically, and the wider relationships between families and friends. The love at a wedding isn't about spending money. It's about showing up, being present, and having an awesome day. The love is truly priceless.

    So, whether you're planning your wedding or going to a wedding this summer, we hope you have a blast! 

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