Hotel luxury for your own home
  • Hotel luxury in your own home

    Do you dream of spending a night in a luxury hotel? A bit of me-time, with the most luxurious furnishings, and a chance to pamper yourself. How can you re-create that feeling in your own home?

    It’s simple. Imagine welcoming a special guest to stay in your home. Whatever you'd do to make it good enough for them, do the same things for yourself. 

    Follow our tips and you’ll soon be spa-fresh after a night in your own home…

    Start in your bedroom

    A luxury hotel needs a luxury bed. Take inspiration from this and improve your own. Swap crumpled, mismatched, bed linen for something altogether more upmarket. Invest in a set of classic white cotton sheets. Choose the best you can afford – the higher the thread count, the nicer they’ll feel.

    Even if you can’t afford to buy new bed linen, dig out that set you keep for best. Take the time to wash and iron your sheets. Plump up your pillows. Tidy away the clutter on your bedside table and replace it with a vase of fresh flowers and a scented candle. Throw open the windows and air your room.

    Look at it through someone else’s eyes. Is it good enough for a guest? If the answer’s yes, then it’s good enough for you too. Make the effort to keep your bedroom like this as often as you can. It’s your haven. You should feel like a special guest every day of the year.

    Do things differently 

    Staying in a hotel gives you the excuse to do the sort of things you don’t normally do. Like ordering room service and opening the mini bar. Why shouldn’t you do that at home too?

    Find the time to relax in your bedroom with no distractions. Switch off your phone and read a new magazine on your beautifully made bed. Be indulgent and sip a glass of fizzy wine in your bath robe. Gather your favourite drinks and food and make your own little mini bar in your bedroom.  

    Luxury bathroom

    Next up, turn your family bathroom into a luxury spa

    Hide the children's bath toys and the shower gel in a cupboard for one night. You can buy a lot of bath oil and white cotton robes for the cost of a hotel room. Treat yourself to a few new products, light a scented candle and relax. Make sure you’ve got a clean, fluffy towel and a glass of something nice to hand.

    To give your bathroom a luxe feel every day, decant dull products into glass jars, copper bowls and pretty dispensers. Getting rid of garish labels and plastic bottles will instantly make your bathroom feel more upmarket. Even a packet of cotton wool looks luxurious when it’s in a glass jar!

    When was the last time you had breakfast in bed?

    It’s the sort of thing we save for high days and holidays. Don’t wait for someone else to make it for you: treat yourself to a beautiful breakfast tray, just because. Again, remember to make the effort to make things pretty. Drink your orange juice out of a nice glass and eat your croissant on your favourite plate. It’s an easy luxury we can all achieve.

    Breakfast in bed

    To make your house feel like a luxury hotel, you should learn to see yourself and your home through different eyes

    Our homes are the centre of our lives – they’re busy and sometimes messy. But, just occasionally, remember you can take a little holiday without leaving your own home. Tidy up, treat yourself and see life through rose-tinted lenses.






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