How to create the perfect cheeseboard
  • How to create the perfect cheeseboard

    Food fads come and go, but the simple pleasure of runny cheese, crusty bread and a glass of wine will always be there.

    You’ll never regret knowing how to put together a classic cheeseboard. It’s a great way to end a special dinner, or the perfect informal meal to share with friends. A board of cheese, bread and meat is the easy solution to an al fresco lunch in the summer – or the perfect accompaniment to bowls of soup on chilly days.

    It’s conversational, fun and delicious. And so incredibly easy. When it comes to cheeseboards, there are no rules – but we’d love to give you a few pointers.

    There’s so much cheese to choose from! Where should I begin?

    The best place to start is a good, hard cheese. This is the choice that’ll be the cornerstone of all your other cheeses. It needs to be unassuming, but delicious. You can’t go wrong with a classic English cheddar. Choose something mature and unusual. Davidstowe has a strong, creamy flavour. Or try Keene’s for a rich, nutty taste. Or, if you fancy something French, Comté is a great choice.

    Next, you need something runny. Everyone’s tried Brie and Camembert, so why not get something different? Chaource, is a soft, sweet round cheese from the Champagne region of France. It’s unusual, but undemanding. Or, if you want something more exciting, try Époisses de Bourgogne. It’s a deliciously pungent, soft cheese with a distinctive red-orange rind. It also comes in a little wooden box which looks great on the table.

    No selection is complete without blue cheese. Try an English classic like Stilton, or Shropshire Blue. Or, look further afield and choose a Roquefort from France or Gorgonzola from Italy.

    Variety is the best bit about cheese, and it’s always worth picking one wild card. It might be Wensleydale cheese flavoured with mango, a piece of Stinking Bishop or some Cornish Yarg wrapped in nettle leaves. See what catches your eye at the cheese counter.

    How to create the perfect cheeseboard

    How do I present my cheese?

    You need a cheese board. Simple, natural materials are best. Wood is the classic choice, but slate is also the perfect way to show off the beauty of your cheese. Our personalised wooden and slate boards are the perfect choice. Just add little cheese knives and nice side plates for easy sophistication.

    Remember, a cheeseboard isn’t just for cheese

    The cheese is the star of the show, but you’ll also need a few other essentials. Crusty bread is great at lunch time, but crackers are the best all-rounder. Look for unusual biscuits and crispbreads that are light, but interesting. They’re a vehicle for the cheese, but need to taste good too!

    It’s also important to add some fresh flavour to your cheese. Grapes, celery and figs are a great place to start and stop the cheese feeling too overwhelming.

    A jar of good chutney or relish is also the perfect way to add liven things up. Choose one good chutney – something light and fruity or an onion marmalade. Our Cheese Lover's Chutney gift set is a great place to start! 

    Cheese Lover's Chutney gift set

    What should you drink?

    We don’t think there should be any rules about what you drink with cheese. Wine comes to mind first, but cheese has always been traditionally enjoyed with lots of other drinks too, like beer and cider. Choose your drink according to the cheese, the occasion and your own taste.

    In the end, it basically comes down to choosing some good cheese, putting it on a pretty board and opening a bottle of something nice!

    Looking for a wonderful wedding present? Our personalised cheese boards are a unique and useful present which will be cherished for years to come.  

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