Inspired by... The Proms
  • There are some annual traditions that seem to capture a certain mood of the time of year. For us, The Proms are one of them.

    We're not exactly first row classical music fans, but there's so much about The Proms to be admired.

    1. The Royal Albert Hall

    Who isn't a sucker for such magnificent architecture?! A true London landmark with buckets of history and a sense of really awesome musical achievement. If you play there, conduct there, go there, you're really doing something.

    2. The new music

    We're not musicians, especially not professional ones, but for those who are, The Proms are pretty good at showcasing the best of new music. And it's often topical and on point. For example, this year, a tribute to David Bowie with some awesome special guests.

    3. The traditional Last Night

    Because who doesn't love a singalong Auld Lang Syne or You'll Never Walk Alone. This is the stuff that warms our hearts!

    So, we salute you, Proms. Onward.

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    • Mar 22, 2017

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      — Buckie

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