Juno the Workshop Dog
  • Each morning in the Dust and Things workshop, we are all greeted in turn by our furry friend Juno the workshop dog! Juno is a big part of our working life, so we really wanted to share some snaps of him helping out. Who doesn't love a pooch picture?!
    He's a Pomeranian with a big love for sausages. So much so, we have to whisper that word around the workshop as he's on a special diet and can't have anything else! 
    Juno absolutely loves being picked up and will lean his head on your shoulder to get even closer. He loves to help out with the tricky admin tasks too.....
    Juno likes to squeeze into small spaces so we often find him tucked up on a shelf or in the tiniest space possible. He's definitely part of the furniture now and we couldn't imagine workshop life without him!

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    • Mar 22, 2017

      Attentato! Questa torta è un vero attentatao! Cioccolatosa che di più non si può e bella da togliere il fiato! Splendida! La frolla al cioccolato me la segno anche io, sulla moleskine rossa che ho uguale alla tua :)! E la proverò a fare presto con il mio nuovo fornetto! Anzi, ti dirò di più, sarà proprio la prima cosa che proverò a fare :)! Mi hai convinta :)! Ma d&9t;#al3ronde a una frolla al cioccolato così è difficile resistere!Un abbraccio!Ema

      — Xexilia

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