Furnish your home with memories
  • Make your memories your home style

    Trends come and go, but memories can last forever. Why not use yours to inspire your home style? Print the photos you love, cherish your children’s artwork, and present your story with pride. It’s time to invite your memories to take centre stage in your home.

    Follow our simple guide and you’ll soon be using your memories to make your home stylishly unique!

    Print those photos

    These days it’s easier than ever to capture every moment. But how often do we get these photos printed? Every few months, go through your camera and phone and choose some special photos to have printed professionally.

    Treat your holiday photos like a piece of art

    Enlarge a beautiful photograph from your holiday, frame it or have it printed on canvas. Pictures of landscapes or cities work particularly well. You can even use the colours to inspire the décor of your room – whether it’s paint, wallpaper or cushions. Hang a special picture in pride of place and let it imbue your home with memories of carefree days.

    Create a gallery wall

    Create a gallery wall of memories

    Brighten a wall of your home with your own photo gallery, crammed with happy memories. You might choose a stylish selection of black and white photos, or a riot of colour – it’s up to you. Mix wedding photos, school snaps and pictures of cherished loved ones. A lovely place to do this is along a staircase. You may prefer simple black and white frames, or for something special, mix in some personalised frames – they’ll really catch the eye and make your arrangement even more unique.

    Prefer to keep things flexible and low-key? Print Polaroid-style photos and simply washi-tape them to the wall, or peg them on a string. Mix with holiday souvenirs and prints, for witty, fun style. This is a great way to add character to a desk or work area – try it in your office, uni bedroom or kitchen.  

    Don’t have much room for hanging pictures? Create a memory shelf

    Even if you can’t hang pictures, you can still create your own little gallery on a shelf or picture ledge. This also has the benefit of being more flexible, allowing you to move things round as often as you like. You can also add other mementoes to your shelf, like flowers and souvenirs. Change your display according to the seasons and it will always feel fresh.

    Dust & Things personalised photo frame

    Turn memories into 3D art

    Memories aren’t just made up of photos. We’ve all got a little collection of mementoes from special events, childhood and holidays. Choose the most beautiful things from your life and give them a chance to shine. Take a deep box frame and fill with treasures – a travel ticket, postcard, baby shoes or a dried flower from a wedding bouquet. Or try filling a glass jar with sand and shells from your favourite beach!

    Create a precious memory box

    Some things are just too precious to have on display, but that doesn’t mean they should be hidden away in a dusty cardboard box. Invest in a beautiful wooden memory box and make it a feature of your home. Take the time every so often to look through the contents – enjoy them and cherish them. Our personalised wooden keepsake boxes are the beautiful way to keep your memories safe in style.

    Dust & Things personalised keepsake box

    Make children’s doodles last forever

    Most children love to create works of art. You can’t save everything, but the most special of their creations deserve a little tender loving care. Frame things, keep them in a scrap book – or scan their best pictures and have them printed in an album. This takes up much less space than a big box of paper, and means you can enjoy them again and again for years to come.

    So, don’t hide those memories away. Give them the attention they deserve and they’ll shine bright.

    Need advice on hanging pictures? Read our simple guide here.

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