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    It's been so busy around here that we haven't even shared some of our lovely studio updates. Over the last month, we've added some fun and inspiring wording to our walls to help keep us on track and motivated.

    We wanted to be able to look up and see our mission statement, our approach to this growing, exciting business. And we wanted the whole team to remember that we're committed to adding variety and pleasure and fun to our customers' lives.

    Take a look at our mantras:

    Our mission statement reads:

    Create beautiful, distinctive products that celebrate individuality,

    Bring our customers' ideas to life,

    Exceed their expectations,

    Leave a lasting memory.


    There's something so satisfying about taking the time to highlight what's important to us, and to get it up in the studio.

    We had such a blast coming up with our new mission statement, and it's so good to see it up on the wall!

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    • Jul 23, 2020

      Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

      — rwhyyaxpgz

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